Urgent Call to Bring Home Trinidadian Children and Women from Iraq


The government of Trinidad and Tobago is urged to promptly repatriate Trinidadian children and their mothers detained in Iraq due to alleged ties with ISIS. Four Trinidadian women, along with seven children aged 7 to 15, have been held for nearly seven years, with recent concerns about the health and separation of two boys from their mother in Iraqi prison.

Despite promises from Trinidad and Tobago to bring back its nationals from Iraq and Syria, no action has been taken in over five years. The imprisoned women express willingness for their children to return home, highlighting the urgent need for Trinidadian authorities to address the situation and ensure the well-being of the children caught in this distressing ordeal.

With serious flaws in the prosecution of terrorism suspects and ongoing challenges faced by the imprisoned families, it is imperative for Trinidadian and Iraqi authorities to prioritize the children’s education, health, and family unity by facilitating their prompt repatriation. The prolonged detention and separation are causing undue suffering for these families, underscoring the critical need for immediate action to bring them back home.

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