Concerns Raised Over Entry Ban on Gaza Doctor

It is concerning to hear about the situation involving Dr. Abu Sittah and the restrictions placed on his freedom of expression and movement. It is important to uphold the principles of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly as fundamental human rights.

The UK and Scottish governments should indeed seek clarification from the German government regarding the legality of the entry ban imposed on Dr. Abu Sittah. Additionally, it is crucial for the German government to provide transparent and justifiable reasons for such a ban.

Dr. Abu Sittah’s work in providing medical treatment and his cooperation with authorities in providing evidence about his experiences in Gaza should not be hindered by arbitrary restrictions on his movement. It is important for all governments to respect the rights of individuals and ensure that any limitations on these rights are based on legitimate and non-discriminatory grounds.

I hope that Dr. Abu Sittah’s challenge to the entry ban in Germany is successful, and that his important work and advocacy continue unimpeded.

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