Challenges Remain for Media Freedom in the Philippines Despite Recent Progress

Recent arrests and sentencing in journalist murder cases in the Philippines show progress, but challenges persist in ensuring media freedom and safety for journalists. The Marcos administration must do more to address impunity and protect journalists from harassment and threats.

While the arrest in the Jumalon killing and the sentencing in the Lapid case are positive steps, the masterminds behind these murders are still at large. The Philippines must work towards holding all responsible parties accountable and creating a safe environment for journalists to work without fear.

Harassment and threats against Filipino journalists, including government red-tagging, continue to pose risks to media freedom. The Marcos administration should prioritize ending red-tagging, investigating attacks on journalists, and prosecuting those responsible.

Foreign governments and donors should closely monitor the situation in the Philippines and support efforts to protect media freedom and combat impunity for attacks on the press. The road to ensuring a safe environment for journalists in the Philippines requires sustained commitment and action from all stakeholders.

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